Built By Teachers For Students


Each grade contains:

  • Real and rigorous Math Curriculum for grades k to 5 – Available now
  • Animated learning coaches for each grade to keep kids engaged
  • Lessons are displayed in an easy navigation “Recommended Order View” or “Topic View” lesson maps
  • Master math skills in bite size lessons with a total of over 800 lessons
  • Rich and informative results data emailed to parents after each lesson
  • Real-time actionable dashboards
  • Placement Assessment for accurate location placement with the lesson map

Each Lesson contains:

  • Instruction, Practice Problems (over 66,000), and Quiz Sections
  • Available to parents as a test drive
  • Instruction: Teaches the skill, advance and review at their own pace
  • Instruction: Math vocabulary terms are defined
  • Instruction: How to solve a problem method introduced and reinforced
  • Problems: Includes practice problems with feedback personalized to match the child’s learning progression
  • Quiz: Short quizzes to ensure the child has mastered the skills introduced in the lesson (K-2=Ten questions and 3-5=Fifteen questions)
  • All areas contain Concrete (building blocks), Representational (equations) and Abstract (word problems) concepts and problems
  • Access to “Quiz” problems missed


  • Assign lessons
  • Private secure network for the child, parents, teachers, and extended family
  • Convenient communication tool focused on encouraging, celebrating, supporting and helping the child as they learn
  • Access managed and controlled by the parent
  • Points awarded for engagement


  • Rewards are parent provide or from our community marketplace partners
  • Surprise rewarded for mastering skills by completing lessons
  • Attain Master or Apprentice levels
  • Achievement Medals: Rockstar, Excellent or Nice Job
  • Points obtained based on achievement
  • Rewards managed and controlled by the parent
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