An Unforeseen Benefit: Kelly recently completed annual standardized testing. We do this every year to measure her home school progress. Since we use the national tests from Stanford, at times there are math concepts or problems that are presented differently then the way she learned them, because of the influence of Common Core or other curriculum. When Kelly was done with her testing this year, she informed me that some of the math was “a little confusing” but then she remembered the wording from her GPA lessons, and it helped her to know how to answer the questions on her test. I was very thankful to know that she had received this ‘different approach’ training and it proved beneficial to her.”


My daughter instantly fell in love. I had started her in the 2nd grade level, but decided to give the 1st grade level a try first. I knew she loved it when she was going to the computer, on her own, even when we weren’t doing lessons, in order to do her math.”


“I looked over it with my kids, and we decided to give it a try. Boy are we glad we did! They also offer a free, no obligation (you don’t even have to enter your credit card information) 30-day trial. Be prepared to buy it after you try it, though – your kids won’t let you cancel it!”


“I am really, really pleased with GPALOVEMATH and have already referred a few friends who were looking for a math curriculum for their children. I’m not a huge fan of online learning, but GPA LEARN has made me a believer!”


“He is so NOT intimidated by this program which is why I think it works for him.”


“The reason for his enjoyment…being in control of what he was learning instead of me telling him what to learn. We loved GPALOVEMATH and the freedom and independence that it gave to Ray Ray. Ray Ray is happy with his math and doesn’t argue with me when it is time to do math, so we have a win-win in this house!”


“I just wanted to say that the fact that you all offer these monetary rewards for a job well done really sets your product apart from the myriad of similar online educational programs.  When you have a child like my daughter who positively detests math and would never consider practicing when not absolutely required to do so, this is about the only thing that will motivate her to do it.  And she volunteers to work on GPALOVEMATH for that reason!  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate that you are able to motivate her, because she really *needs* the practice.  Thank you so much!”


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